About event

HOSPITALITY AWARDS® is an international award in hospitality industry first launched in 2011 by HOTELIERO Company to acknowledge, reward and celebrate excellence across the hospitality market.
It was previously known as Ukrainian Hospitality Awards, however, after the 5th performance, due to the popular demand, Awards' boarders have been extended and the project has reached its international level.

      The Award carries out a very important mission consinsting in choosing the best hotels in accordance with the performance results of each year. Whereas the purpose of the Awards is to enable the participants, namely, European hotels, to improve themselves via innovation, development and cultural education of the society, increase in the touristic attractiveness and attention to guests and tourists by competing with others in the industry.
Participation provides that a hotel-applicant is situated within the territory of Central, Eastern and Western Europe.
By winning the award, a hotel gets a worldwide recognition as the best representative in the chosen nomination over the following year.

Each hotel applying for the Awards is guanteed not to be charged for participation, since it does not require any financial contribution at all stages of the event.


The winner’s emblem for the promotional use at all resources: website, social network, media
The winner's plate for the promotional use at all resources: website, social network, media
Objective data for the analysis of the market position of the brand 
Complimentary invitation to the Awarding Gala Ceremony 
The possibility to be represented in business and specialized media throughout the media campaign before, during and after the event 
A unique chance to compete for the title of “best” in one of the nominations
Possibility to network during the event in face-to-face format 
Photo/video report form the Gala Ceremony for promotional needs

Host of the International Hospitality Awards

Timur Miroshnychenko