Thomas Bangert
CEO of The Bangert Consultancy

Thomas Bangert started working in the travel media industry in 2000 for a little start up called Ifyoutravel, a part of the multimedia branch of LVMH. 

He transferred to Ifyoutravel’s headquarter in London late 2001 and shortly after that, Ifyoutravel was acquired by the Online Travel Corporation (OTC). OTC was then acquired by and later by Travelocity (Sabre). 

From Commercial Manager, to Supply Sales Director, Thomas moved on to become the Media Director for Northern Europe for

In April 2011 he moved to TripAdvisor where he was the Director Display EU. Thomas had direct reports all over Europe working with both clients directly as well as media agencies and trading desks to provide both the advertiser as well as the TripAdvisor user with the most relevant ad at the right time in the contextually most appropriate environment.  In 2017 Thomas founded The Bangert Consultancy (Independent digital media and IoT consultancy)