Alina Ştefan
Resort Manager, Theodora Golf Club (Romania)

Alina is a young professional, recruited after graduating from university. She started as Front Office Manager at resort’s reception, and after two years of activity her sparkling personality, diligence and personal style recommended her as a strong leader, able to assume a higher position. 

Alina coordinates a team of almost 100 different individuals daily from various sectors of our resort: from golf course maintenance to cleaning service, restaurant and hotel staff, as well as accommodates business  and events partners. 

Although under the age of 30 she possesses the skills of a good manager, people- oriented and team-coordinator. As a background Alina is a jurist specialized in private law institutions. She studied for 6 months in Poland and accomplished two internship practices in Poland and Italy. Alina represented Theodora Golf Club in Moscow at the International Travel &Tourism Exhibition (Mitt) 2019.

Like our new resort, Alina is a young hospitality professional, endowed with a great capacity for work, perseverance and the ability to do things exactly the right way.